Kumabhebhi seeks women support


HARARE – Musicians Clare Nyakujara and Cindy Munyavi, the brains behind the all-female concerts called Kumabhebhi, want to see more women rallying behind the novel concept.

Kumabhebhi, which will celebrate its first anniversary in November, has featured the likes of Edith WeUtonga, Hope Masike, Pokello Nare and Diana Samkange.

The Other Four lead vocalist Nyakujara says women should learn from male musicians who help each other out.

“As ladies, we should do our own things and support each other like what men do,” said Nyakujara.

“When you look at the Big Five gig, they are all men. We need to break the norm that women cannot work together; we should unite for a common cause. I know women generally want to out-compete each other but it won’t get us anywhere.

“Even in politics some women would rather vote for men instead of women. We should do away with this mentality and support each other,” she said.

The next Kumabhebhi gig, set for the  Jazz 105 on Friday, will also feature Jean Masters who has two albums under her belt.

“Kumabhebhi is no longer just a concert but now a movement. The Jazz 105 show is part of the monthly programmes and it is back by public demand. We did the October show at the Private Lounge but because people liked it so much, we are doing it early this month,” said Cindy.

“Friday’s gig will be dubbed “Superwoman” as we will be celebrating women. We are celebrating what women do in all sectors."

“Women go through a lot of things but at the end of the day they emerge strong and victorious, put on their make-up and face the world. We are also multi-taskers; we go to work, look after our families and have to work very hard,” added Cindy.

According to Cindy, the Jazz 105 concert will be mostly centred on the participating musicians own songs.
“This time will be different because we will be doing our original music, starting from my first album and the music that I am currently recording now, said Cindy.

“I’m into social issues of domestic violence, child abuse I’m not really into love; it’s not my strongest point.

“We have decided to panel beat the movement and look at the issues that women experience,” she said.

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