Insanity saves Bindura man from gallows


HARARE – A Bindura man has escaped the hangman’s noose after the court found him not guilty of murdering his step grandmother.

Lawrence Musanjiko walked free after High Court Judge Joseph Musakwa established that circumstances showed that he was mentally disturbed at the time he allegedly committed the offence.

According to State papers, the incident took place in 2011 when Musanjiko visited his mother’s place, before murdering the now deceased, Agnes Kapomba.

The court heard that Musanjiko’s mother Mayoress Kumbutsani stayed at Nyamakura Farm, together with her husband Baesone Mupondo.

Musanjiko allegedly accused his mother and Mupondo, who is his stepfather, of bewitching him and planning to kill him. He went on to assault his stepfather and his uncle Christopher after his mother managed to escape from the scene.

Musanjiko’s mother ran to Kapomba’s house to seek help.

According to court documents, Musanjiko followed her armed with a stick and a hoe. Kumbutsani escaped from the scene after Musanjiko attacked her using a hoe.

Musanjiko charged towards Kapomba and assaulted her on the chest with a log and she collapsed.

He allegedly assaulted her several times all over the body with a hoe until she died.

According to court documents, a post mortem report showed that Kapomba died due to multiple fractures with severe haemorrhage and tension pneumothorax.

Musanjiko’s mother told the court that although her son did not have a history of being mentally challenged, he had called a week before the commission of the offence, claiming that he was not feeling well.

She said when Musanjika visited, he suddenly turned violent, before chocking her and hitting her with a hoe.

Kumbutsani was lucky to escape from the scene, the court heard.

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