Suspected poacher shot dead


HARARE – A suspected elephant poacher was shot dead last week at Matusadona National Park.

Rangers recovered a 303 rifle, 25×303 live round ammunition, one scale, one cell-phone, one kilogramme flour, one black pot, one plate, two knives, one kilogramme sugar, one kilogramme fresh elephant meat and a fresh elephant tail.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers on patrol in Matusadona had an armed contact with four poachers.

One poacher, who is believed to be the gunner and had no identification particulars on him, was shot and seriously injured. The injured poacher was taken to Kariba Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The other three poachers managed to escape. The rangers were on patrol in Sanyati West.

Since the start of this year alone, more than 100 elephants have been killed in Zimbabwe by poachers through cyanide poisoning of drinking wells.

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