Remove spot fines, bring back tickets to curb corruption


EDITOR ? The Coalition Against Corruption  (Cac) would like to call upon authorities in Zimbabwe to take measures and stop forthwith soaring bribe cases involving police officers manning roadblocks on our country’s roads.

Investigations by Cac have revealed that cases of traffic police officers receiving bribes at roadblocks are on the increase.

It is our view the only way to curb corruption at roadblocks is to immediately do away with the spot fines and issue tickets.

During a recent radio discussion, police spokesperson superintendent Andrew Phiri defended the spot fine measure saying doing away with it and instituting issuing of tickets will be expensive as police will be forced to fork out more money to pursue defaulting motorists.

While we agree with superintendent Phiri on that argument, we feel that penalties for offenders at roadblocks must be increased.

That is instead of police issuing tickets of $15 to an offender, the penalty must be increased to a much higher amount so that this will cushion police expenses incurred when pursuing defaulting motorists.

But increasing the penalty fees must be done diligently and honestly ? not in a fundraising manner!

As Cac we demand forthwith that if the Zimbabwe Republic Police is to be taken seriously in their campaign to curtail corruption among its traffic officers, they must deploy more non-uninformed officers to nab bad apples manning roadblocks.

We also believe that citizens of Zimbabwe must be educated that it is a crime to give a police officer a bribe at roadblocks.

As we approach the World Anti-Corruption Day Commemorations on December 9, Cac demands that Parliament pass a motion to stop collection of stop fines forthwith and return to the issuing of tickets!

Cac Information Department


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