Let us turn to God


EDITOR — Following reactions to the article, “Token salary rise for civil servants,” am I to assume that some of us actually voted on the back of  election manifestos and wild promises?.

Please, correct me if I am wrong but I have been led to believe that Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa and highly-educated people.

For all this so-called education we are certainly either an incredibly dense people or an incredibly desperate people.

After 33 years of “liberation” rule how many political promises have actually been fulfilled?

Did we actually think that every answer to our economic woes would miraculously fall out of the sky?

To believe any political party’s manifesto is naive. Come on fellow Zimbabweans, let us actually wake up and smell the coffee.

When is God’s word going to sink in, “Blessed is the man who trusts in God and cursed is the man who trusts in man!”

On perusing the newspapers after this year’s elections and reading blogs and discussions, it becomes very clear that absolutely nothing has changed.

Millions of dollars to be spent on luxury cars for Cabinet ministers etc!  President goes to the UN indaba with 80 entourage. Where are Zimbabwe’s diamonds?

War vets invade conservancy and hassle foreign tourists near Beitbridge.

Zimbabwe to import food for 2.2 million starving people and illegal sanctions blah, blah blah! Do sanctions hurt Zimbabwe?

Of course they do but no one in leadership stops to think why those so-called targeted sanctions were imposed in the first place. The mark of a guilty man is always to point fingers.

And news articles on corruption, greed and bribery abound everyday, Mr MP not seen in his constituency since pre-elections. We could carry on and on. And so what exactly has changed?

It is past the time to hold leaders and politicians accountable for their actions.

Maybe the government will really surprise us and do a U-turn on all the destructive policies and rhetoric.

But then all the same old problems are still there.

It is terrible to have become so cynical of our so-called leaders and politics.

Zanu PF, the various MDC parties (I forget how many), opposition parties, the church and the people of Zimbabwe in general need to understand that our problems hail from within: we have sinned before a holy and just God and before each other and until we admit that and come to a place of repentance and brokenness we are going to stay on a conveyor belt to nowhere.

Some of the marks of a blessed nation are being the head and not the tail; being the lender and not the borrower. 

None of those exist in Zimbabwe.

Only repentance will wash the blood of the innocent from our soil and the lies from our mouths and the greed and hatred from our hearts and the pride and stubbornness from our souls.

To him who has ears let him hear.


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