Poor attendance at Mr Zim semis


BULAWAYO – The Matabeleland Bodybuilding Contest held on Friday night to select athletes from the province for next month’s Mr and Ms Zimbabwe final was only attended by five contestants.  

The competition was poorly attended by both the contestants and supporters due to poor publicity and the current state of the Matabeleland Amateur Body Building and Weightlifting Association (MABBWA).

The association is currently operating with a skeleton executive with only two members.

Only five contestants competed, with two competing in the junior category and three in the senior category.

In the junior category the tightly contested title went to Confidence Mpala, who beat the more experienced Delvin Page.

Both Mpala and page will represent Matabeleland Province in the next coming Mr and Ms Zimbabwe finals to be held on November 2 at the Harare International School as the competition makes a comeback after a five-year hiatus.

The two contestants however promised to bring Mr Zimbabwe Juniors trophy to Bulawayo.

The seniors had three contestants, Michael Saidi Alimu in the heavyweight category, Lovemore Munyamana, who is a lightweight and John Domingo Lunga in the middleweight.

The seniors contest was also a tight battle between the three athletes as the small crowd was kept on their feet cheering for the three bodybuilders.

At the end of the night Munyamana won the contest while the second spot went to Alimu and the third spot went to the 45-year-old Lunga.

All the three participants will represent Matebeland at the upcoming Mr and Ms Zimbabwe finals.

As has become the norm in even national bodybuilding competitions, there were no female contests at the MABBWA contest.

After the competition the chief judge of the competition and former MABBWA chairman, who is also a veteran karate trainer, Sensei- John Mhanga said bodybuilding has been going down because people do not get enough support.

He said even the media was shunning the sport and called for the corporate world to give bodybuilding the much needed support like they have done to other major sports.

At the end of the day the participants had paid $5 each to enter the competition but did not receive any prizes at the end of the night.

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