Ndiraya regrets quitting DeMbare


HARARE – Although the pressure of balancing books and coaching at a hugely demanding club like Dynamos proved to be insurmountable, Tonderai Ndiraya, regrets quitting the Glamour Boys.

Although there was plenty of speculation regarding his resignation from the popular Harare giants, Ndiraya outlined his decision was purely a move for his to continue with academic studies.

There were many claims that Nidraya had a fall-out with his boss Calisto Pasuwa which led to his resignation.

“It was quite a hectic programme and probably the only way was to ask for some leave to go and finish off my studies,” Ndiraya tells the Daily News on Sunday.
“I think it was just a matter to me wanting to finish my studies more than anything else. I thought I could not really balance between school and work so I decided to take a break but this is our team and as former players we are always there to support our team.

“I’m fully behind Pasuwa and his team, there’s no need for any disturbances at this stage of the season because they need all the support they can get from every fan of Dynamos which is why I’m throwing my weight behind Pasuwa and the team.”

The former DeMbare midfielder said there was never any bad blood between him and Pasuwa.

“Obviously in any working environment you are bound to disagree at some point, that is normal but there was no bad blood at all,” said the former DeMbare midfielder.

“Pasuwa is like a big brother to me, I have learnt a lot from him these past two seasons that we have worked together and when I left we spoke about it and I left amicably.

Ndiraya said he was equally concerned when the team was not picking up positive results but said it was a natural phase that could have happened even if he was still at the club.

“Football is all about team work, when one member of the team is not pulling his weight the team suffers what more when one man is missing, it really puts a huge dent on the team,” he said.

“People have said all sorts of theories with some insinuating that the team went on a bad patch immediately after I left but I would like to believe that it could have happened even if I was going to be there.

“But for me to leave at that stage was unfortunate and like it has come out now, maybe it wasn’t a good decision but I did what I did and thought it was in the best interest of my family.

“But I believe in the guys, I believe in Pasuwa and I’m glad for the great support he’s getting from the executive; I’m sure he will put things together and lead the team to the championship glory.”

This afternoon log leader Highlanders with 47 points, go head-to-head with Dynamos, who are on 45 points at Barbourfields Stadium.

A win for Bosso will see them open up a five- point gap while Dynamos will be one point clear of Bosso in the event that they win today.

Ndiraya however, insists that Dynamos will negotiate their way back into the championship forefront.

“I know what they (Dynamos) can do and I’m just hoping that at the end of the day they will get to the ‘Promised Land’, which is getting the league title,” he said.

“It’s not healthy for the club to finish this season without any trophy but this is football, we are not competing alone, there are also other teams that want to get the title and if it happens that we don’t then it’s not the end of the world.

“The truth however, is that Pasuwa deserves respect, he has won back-to-back titles in two years so for people to start judging him by only one season I don’t think it’s fair; he deserves respect and support from everyone and hope that good results will come.”

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