Thousands besiege Angel, Makandiwa convention


HARARE – Zimbabwe's charismatic celebrity preachers Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Eubert Angel opened the 2-day ManWorld Convention  at the City Sports Centre in Harare yesterday.

Attended by their spiritual godfather Victor Boateng, a Ghanaian preacher, the ManWorld convention attracted a bumper turnout of men only — one more indication of the youthful preachers’ enormous popularity.

Angel’s TV station Miracle TV has been advertising the highly-anticipated event that has drawn a capacity crowd of thousands of people.

With Boateng and the two youthful preachers in military fatigues, the dramatic posters of the three in photoshopped military attire have captured the nation’s imagination especially in Harare where the event is being hosted.

Organisers of the fiesta say the military attire is a statement that Christianity is like war.

One of the event organisers, Pastor Mike explained: “Christianity is a war…no wonder Apostle Paul urges all Christians to put on the whole armour of God, to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy.

“Besides, only brave men go to war to defend the weak and to defend what they believe in.

“War or the military challenges every soul and as Christians the battles lines were drawn when Christ died on the cross for us…for Christ says, he is not sending peace into the World but rather a Sword…”

This year’s Man World Convention dubbed “Strong men in tough times,” has attracted a lot of attention, especially given the tough economic situation Zimbabweans are faced with.

The congregants will be eagerly waiting to hear the lessons of the “Exodus”, which Boateng will deliver.
This year’s event will see delegates coming in from the USA, Canada, Australia, South America, India, UK, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, India, Japan and the rest of Africa.

Pastor Mike said: “The mood at last year’s Man World Convention resembled a Mega Feast, men spoiling themselves and getting drunk with the Holy Ghost.

“Religious literature and media reports suggested that it was arguably the first ever event in Zimbabwe where men gathered in such numbers to just love God.”

Daily issues such as business, marriage and the economy are being discussed at the convention.

The young, mega-rich pastors, both known to their flock as “Papa,” have become some of Zimbabwe’s most influential spiritual leaders. On any given day, they can draw thousands and thousands to their service.

Their fervent sermons, coupled with their magnetic personality, have turned their Pentecostal churches Spriit Embassy owned by Angel and the Makandiwa-led UFIC into some of the fastest-growing evangelical congregations in Zimbabwe.

Their numerous followers include national leaders, society’s well-heeled, as well as industry executives – many of whom often turn to them for advice.

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