Mixed feelings over E10


HARARE – Zimbabwe has  introduced mandatory blending of petrol to the levels of E10, a mixture of 90 percent petrol and 10 percent anhydrous ethanol.

The mandatory blending was in  line with an import substitution policy to promote the use of locally produced ethanol and slash the fuel import bill.

The proposal has been met with mixed feelings by motorists.

Amid the controversy, the Daily News’ Bridget Mananavire took to the streets of Harare to talk to motorists about the latest edict.

Kingston Mararike, 52,

“I have heard that the blending is harmful to engines in the long run. This is the reason why I prefer unleaded petrol, unleaded is also efficient.

“I also heard that we would need to use filters, the question is what kind of filters and where do we get them from? It’s all mythical to me.”

Nobert Chirara, 38,

“I have used blend before but it was E5. The only thing I can say about it is that it burns quickly. I would rather use unleaded instead.”

Tendai Moyo, 43,

“If it’s going to be cheaper then it’s most welcome for my taxi business, anything to make it more profitable."

“However, coming to think of it, because it covers lesser distance than I would have covered with unleaded the price might just be the same.”

Blessing Mutandwa, 27,

“I think before introducing these blends motorists should be educated more about it. All we hear are myths and we are worried about our cars. You don’t want to get to a service station and they tell you they cannot provide unleaded, and you’re caught unaware.”

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