Mapfumo releases golden oldies


HARARE – Chimurenga music legend Thomas “Mukanya”Mapfumo’s compilation of 17 old hits fittingly titled Golden Classics will be released today.

The old hits, selected from various albums he has produced in a music career spanning over four decades, will be distributed in Zimbabwe by Metro Studios.

Hits like Pamuromo Chete, Tozvireva Kupiko and Nyoka Musango which catapulted Mukanya to legendary status are part of the glory-laden compilation album.

other songs on the album that reaped various accolades over the years include Nhamo Yapera, Zuva Guru,Bhabhalazi, Chiwayawaya, Shumba, Zimbabwe Yavatema, Mhondoro, Farirai Zimbabwe, Zambuko, NdatomutswaNengoma, Chiiko Chinotinetsa, John Wapera, Paridzai, Shungu Dzinondibaya, Yarira Hosho and Vakomana Pururudzai.

Golden Classics’ release confirms the further postponement of Mukanya’s highly-anticipated new album called World on Fire which the Pamuromo Chete hit-maker due to his misgivings about rampant music piracy in Zimbabwe.

Late last year the Zimbabwe music legend told the Daily News he would withhold the release of new albums until music piracy was put under control.

“There is so much piracy in Zimbabwe; recording new music in such an environment doesn’t make business sense anymore”, said the Lion of Zimbabwe, as Mapfumo is popularly known by his fans.

“Sheer Music are keen to release a CD from us but we know that once it is released in South Africa the music pirates in Zimbabwe will quickly take our music by illegal means to the streets of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean musicians are suffering.

“How can people be allowed to sell pirated music on the streets while the police turn a blind eye?”

The Chimurenga guru added that he would like to be part of the fight against powerful Zimbabwean pirates.

“I would like to talk to minister Shamu (Webster) on the matter because it is clear that the pirates have support from some very powerful people.

“I am reliably informed that the pirates operate from Mbare Musika. The pirated CDs are even better than the ones from Zimbabwean music companies.

“Everybody knows where they are and how well-resourced they are but for some reason nobody wants to take action,” said Mukanya.

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