Dudu is also human


EDITOR — I was happy that finally the High Court granted bail to jazz musician Duduzile Tracey Manhenga pending appeal of her sentence over culpable homicide.

Dudu is not the first person to drive without a licence in Zimbabwe.

Most people are driving without licences on our roads leading to many accidents and loss of lives.

Many unlicensed drivers lie to traffic police that they would have left their licences at home and then proceed with their journeys after paying spot fines or bribes.

My query is, is it because Dudu is a celebrity that she has to go through all this?

Dudu had to spend close to two weeks in jail when in most cases culprits never even set their foot in jail.

I have seen a number of incidences when unlicensed drivers knock down people but are walking scot-free.
No measures are taken against them.

This is also a wake up call for the traffic police that they should desist from taking bribes to save lives.

Most unlicensed drivers pay bribes to drive on the road which is  a threat to other people.

I think the fact that she showed remorse for her actions she deserves a second chance.

We are all susceptible to making errors.


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