Pee Kay makes comeback


HARARE – Blue Jeans singer Patrick “Pee Kay” Kahlari has come up with two riveting singles that feature Peace “Ba Shupi” Ndlovu.

The two new singles Ma1 and Letting Go have brought  to an end Pee Kay’s three-year absence from the music industry.

His song Blue Jeans proved popular on Zimbabwean television and radio before making a mark on Channel ‘O’.
Pee Kay is happy with his new sound which he calls “Afro-Centric Hip Hop”.

“I have been out of the music business for a while now because I was discouraged by that one has to fund himself because the local music industry is not financially rewarding,” said Pee Kay.

“Some countries have record labels that finance, but Zimbabwe is different.”

The upcoming musician believes Ba Shupi will lend a more African touch to his music.

“Well Ba Shupi is different, and he is Africa. I wanted to do something with a local musician who has a certain appeal to the people and has a certain Zimbabwean touch,” said Pee Kay.

“When you are listening to the likes of Ice Prince, they sing hip-hop but they still have that element of Nigeria, and that makes them unique and successful.

“The reason for the change in genres is that I want to touch everyone. The songs are getting good responses from people.

“I was surprised the other time the song Ma1 was played at a gathering and people danced to it. It hadn’t been released then so I was very pleased, that is the kind of response I want from people,” he said.

Pee Kay, who last performed live as a supporting act when Sean Kingston toured Zimbabwe two years ago, failed to launch an album then as expected.

“It was titled Blue Magic and was supposed to feature different artistes but a combination of factors made it impossible. The late Andy Brown was involved but he passed on before we had completed the project. Things were not in order basically,” he said.

Pee Kay has already started shooting videos for the two songs.

“The shooting for Ma1 has been completed. We are going to South Africa to shoot for Letting Go. Both videos will be released in due course,” he said.

Pee Kay, who has promised to release an album soon, wants to follow in the footsteps of chimurenga music legend Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo.

“Mukanya can perform for a crowd full of people whether black or white people and kill it. People enjoy his music and I

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