Zimura to embark on anti-piracy blitz


BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) says musicians will mount a blitz against music pirates from next month until the end of the year.

Clarence Garura, Zimura branch manager for Bulawayo told the Daily News the planned blitz is intended to
reenergise the anti-piracy drive that has been in limbo since the Anti-piracy Organisation of Zimbabwe was de-registered.

“We do not have funding but we are going to have fundraising activities with the help of various artistes,” said Garura.

“In the meantime, we will conscientise the public about the effects of piracy so that when we begin the operation, those involved will not say they have been caught unaware.”

The Zimura official said the campaign has been prompted by the realisation that there are no solid structures which protect musicians against piracy.

“Since the Anti-piracy Organisation of Zimbabwe was deregistered sometime last year there hasn’t been a piracy inspector department and as a result musicians are suffering immensely from lack of protective measures,” he said.

“We are proud to say as Zimbabwe Music Rights Association that we have been mandated to get involved in the fight against piracy by musicians.”

Garura revealed that Zimura has now resolved to put increased focus on consumers of pirated music.
“Consumers are the causes of the continuous trend so if we deal with people who buy the pirated music then the vendors will have no one to sell to,” he said.

Garura also urged every music user to get a licence from Zimbabwe Music Rights Association to avoid penalties.

“Music users who have not registered are supposed to register with Zimura.

People should know that the user licence is very different from the broadcasting licence demanded by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). In fact they must have both and if they do not pay, we will take them to court,” he said.


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