Soldier jailed for assaulting cop


HARARE – A High Court judge has denied bail to a jailed soldier who bayed for a Darwendale resident’s blood, before assaulting a cop.

Zephania Munyuki, 26, is currently serving a seven-month prison term after he attacked a police officer who was restraining him from making death threats against Albert Lucias Kamicho.

The soldier was initially sentenced to 10 months in prison before three months were set aside on condition of good behaviour within five years of his release.

Munyuki was jointly charged with Wonder Chiwambu, 28, Ivor Butau, 26 and Trymore Vambe, 32, who were jailed for five months after one month was suspended on condition of good behaviour.

High Court judge Felistas Chatukuta yesterday dismissed Munyuki’s bail application, stating there were no prospects of success on appeal.

“I do not believe that applicant (Munyuki) is entitled to anything else other than a custodial sentence,” Chatukuta said.

The court heard Munyuki and his accomplices went to Tounton Farm in Darwendale.

They proceeded to Kamicho’s residence and a police officer only identified as Ndemele in court papers, barred the group from entering the premises.

According to state papers, the four stood from a distance, shouting and claiming that they wanted to chop Mwale’s head, failure of which they were to kill anyone in the vicinity.

Munyuki forcibly entered Kamicho’s premises and violently twisted Ndemele’s arm before shoving him to the ground.

Another police officer identified as Dhliwayo, who was present at the scene, asked Munyuki to calm down, persuading him to go with them to the police station to resolve the issue, but he refused.

He said he was not leaving without Mwale’s head.

Ndemele had to call for reinforcements from other police officers, leading to the quartet’s arrest.

Tozivepi Mapfuwa appeared for the state.

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