Afro-pop group vows to stay in Masvingo


HARARE – Rising Afro-pop duo Alchemy have vowed never to leave Masvingo in search of so-called greener pastures in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Tedius Marezva and Denzel Jonathan who make up Alchemy believe relocating to a new base would be a slap in the face of loyal fans who have supported them in Zimbabwe’s oldest town.

“We will stay in Masvingo till the end, we have been living in Masvingo since the formation of our group and have managed to build our fan base,’’ said Marezva in an interview with the Daily News after a recent concert in Harare.

“I think migration by artistes to other towns in search of better opportunities cripples community arts industry.”

Marezva added that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

“I think the problem is most artistes especially those from Masvingo decide to move to Harare in search of better opportunities and in the process forgetting their roots.

Relocation does not always yield positive results.  We won’t do that because our fans have urged us not to abandon them.”

Though the Masvingo duo believe local is lekker, they have no qualms about borrowing from popular Nigerian artistes like P-Square and D’banj.

“We are inspired heavily by Nigerian music and we listen a lot to the music. We are not totally copying from them but we want to diversify our sound in Zimbabwe.

“After all there are many fans of Nigerian music in the country and we believe it will be a very good idea to have something that is local but with elements of Nigerian music which has become the favourite of many youthful fans in Zimbabwe today,” Marezva said.

Alchemy, which was formed in 2008, has a single album titled The Beginning. The album was produced by DJ Tamuka of Blackface Studios and DJ Hoffe of Unique Studios.

It carries six tracks namely Cinderella, Let you go, Ndinewe, Fighting for Love, Believe and Sent from Above.

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