MPs should buy cheaper, local cars


EDITOR — Hats off to Temba Mliswa for insisting that the government buy MPs’ cars from local manufacturers so as to promote our own ailing industries.

There is no doubt that if such an amount is injected in our industry, it would have a positive effect on its growth.

However, I still question the need to buy such expensive cars yet Zimbabweans are undergoing very difficult times.

There is massive breakdown in health services and people have been forced to resort to traditional healers for treatment in places like Binga as their hospital is incapacitated.

Over a million people are starving with some reportedly surviving on wild fruits.

We have massive unemployment dogging our citizens, lack of other basic services like water, electricity all these compounded by alarming levels of corruption.

Under such circumstances, people would understandably elect into political office candidates who they think can address their plight.

So when MPs are set to acquire top-of-the-range vehicles at a total cost of $6 million under such a situation, it is rather callous and insensitive on their part.

Why not allocate a bigger chunk of that money to buy food for hunger-stricken villagers in Binga or Buhera for example and buy cheaper and modest vehicles like Mazda B1800s?

These legislators should understand that they are voted into office to serve the people if anything it should be for free and not to be so spendthrift at the expense of the electorate.

I urge them to forego this move to buy expensive vehicles and opt for less expensive ones lest they forget in five years they will still need our vote.

Baba Jika

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