Let’s give Zanu PF a chance


EDITOR — The story in yesterday's issue of your daily about the cost of living getting high left me with a bitter sweet feeling.

We have always assumed that when Zanu PF gets back into power the cost of living is going to be high and some of us had expectations that some countries would withdraw their support because they wanted a new party in power.

Nevertheless Zanu PF against all odds won the election and I think we should at least give them a chance.

There was a part in the story that said; " As economic and social fortunes continue to dwindle, the cost of living has become too high for the ordinary Zimbabwean… This is despite the fact that Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe — who has ruled Zimbabwe for the past 33 years — vowed to improve the lives of people once elected.

"In its election manifesto, aptly titled; Taking Back the Economy; Indigenise, Empower, Develop and Create Employment, Zanu PF promised to take people to the land flowing with milk and honey by creating a $2 trillion economy.

"The ruling party pledged to grow the economy by implementing socio-economic policies which would see the creation of at least 2 265 million jobs.

"They also promised to increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth from 4,4 percent to 9 percent by 2018."

With this in mind I think it is wise for all Zimbabweans to stand together and give Zanu PF a chance to    prove themselves.

It has been three months since the elections and I think it is too early to write them off.

Maybe in the third year then we can start talking about Zanu PF failing us because right now I suggest we all join hands and support the party that is in power for the betterment of our lives and our children's lives.


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