Bev outshines Slizer


HARARE – Zimbabwe's raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda proved that she is the empress of dance after outclassing visiting Botswana diva, Slizer with tantalising waltz during the Tongai Moyo memorial gig over the weekend.

Thousands of people, from children to adults, packed the Harare Gardens in a rare show to remember Dhewa’s music legacy.

With Slizer as the main draw card, the day turned out to be Bev’s.

The trendy pole dancer, whose erotic ballets have taken the country by storm, invaded Slizer’s main stage show to prove her skills when it comes to dancing, forcing the renowned diva to watch in awe.

Clad in a black skinny slake, Bev went on stage while Slizer was still performing before she unleashed her dancing proficiency much to the ovation of the full house at Harare Gardens.

And such is her magical touch which gave thousands of Tongai Moyo followers who came to remember the late sungura maestro in song and dance something to remember.

Her stage work, characterised by scanty dressing, stunning flexibility and the controversial stunt of sitting 180 degrees while on the dance floor indeed make her the raunchy one.

“She has talent, it is a God given talent, I love it,” is all Slizer could say while Bev was shredding her body apart to the pleasure of the bumper crowd.

There were many similarities in Bev and Slizer’s art. They are all slim, beautiful and they both have three dancing girls each helping them out.

While Slizer’s stage choreography is a cut above Bev, it is the actual dancing by the individual divas that set everyone talking. And they all agreed: “Bev is the best!”

Since dancing is her forte, Bev still needs perfection on vocals if she is aiming to be like the skinny singer-cum dancer.

Before Slizer came on stage, Bev and her sexy angels had performed songs on her new album Tapinda.

As one of her few debut live performances as a singing artiste, Bev did not disappoint and the more exciting among her songs were the ones slightly biased towards dancehall reggae.

Bev still has a lot to improve on her sound and she should try and put together a live band than continue to play back-up CDs.

Progress Chipfumo also performed some of his classic songs, among them one which talks about raping minors which was a hit.

Other musicians who performed before sunset included the bulky First Farai who sang a tribute song for the late Tongai Moyo. Farai also took the opportunity to introduce his wife and two children.

After the alluring acts by Slizer and Bev, it was time for Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo to prove if he has matured since the tragic death of his father Tongai two years ago.

Peter thanked Slizer in particular for her gratitude and time spent in commemorating his father’s musical legacy.

“I would like to thank Slizer here. You know she hears Shona and she has been such an inspiration throughout,” said Peter.

Other musicians who performed during the evening include sungura ace Alick Macheso and Somandla Ndebele.

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