Town planning is essential in urban areas


EDITOR ? The story about the intended destruction of over 10 000 houses in Chitungwiza must not be blamed on the government alone, but also on councillors and individuals who are greedy and desperate to build in areas that are not designated.

I believe the Local Government ministry is right in ordering the demolition of over 10 000 structures built illegally in Chitungwiza.

Every time we head for elections most people are given stands on political lines in places that are not earmarked for residential purposes.

People are busy paying bribes to councillors and unscrupulous individuals to get stands that are non-existent.

This is not only happening in Chitungwiza but in many other towns in this country.

People should know that towns are planned and should not be tricked out of their money buying stands that are illegal.

Every town has a town planning department, and people should make sure they go and check with the relevant town council if the area they are being sold stands is meant for residential purposes.

Let us all make use of the town planners or the housing department of urban council to ensure that we are not robbed of our hard-earned money.

Urban Planner


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