Like father like daughter


HARARE – Look up the most popular father-daughter activities, and you will find things like shopping and watching movies.

Nowhere on that list does it say practising karate together.

But that’s just what Sensei Mugove Muhambi and his daughter Trish do whenever they have spare time on their hands.

IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY: Trish Muhambi, right, shows off her reflexes during a training session with her father Mugove, left.

Karate in Zimbabwe is sport primarily dominated by male karatekas but Trish, who is still doing her primary education at David Livingstone, is set to break new ground.

At the age of 11, Trish is the youngest female brown belt holder in the country so far.

The Harare-born karateka, who launched her career in the sport when she was only five, has fast risen into one of the best students at Empire Gym.

“I am aiming at a black belt in the next three years and I am just few steps away from achieving that,” Trish told the Daily News on Sunday.

“I also want to represent my country in various international junior tournaments in the future.

“My parents inspired me to take karate seriously and my aim is to compete for the world title in the next 12 years.”

Mugove Muhambi, who holds a 4th dan black belt, praised his daughter and is optimistic she has a pride future in the sport.

“I’m happy with Trish’s performance. She works hard in training and I think if she continues with her performance she will excel in the near future,” said Muhambi

“Her future is very bright as long as she gets no obstacle. She always pushes me to teach her new techniques on a daily basis.

“I’m happy because her technique and composure has given her an edge over her age mates and has helped find the drive to compete with more senior counterparts.

“I hope she will break new ground in as far as Zimbabwe woman karate is concerned. She is serious with the sport and most of the time she is always practising.”

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