‘PrimusRS to take Zim sports to greater heights’


HARARE – Sports therapist Heather Flight has urged the local sporting community to embrace the ultimate physical therapy equipment that was unveiled by Core Performance on Wednesday. .

The PrimusRS, which was launched by Core Performance at the Innovative High Performance Centre in Harare.

Some of the local athlete who have already been evaluated by the machine, which arrived in Zimbabwe in June, include rowing sensation Micheen Thornycroft and emerging Zimbabwe cricket fast bowler Tatenda Gumunyu-Manatse.

“There is only four of these machines in Africa, the beauty of it is that it evaluates and rehabilitates an athlete’s injuries. It judges the level of pain an athlete is in, with the same biomechanics encountered on field without the risk of re-injury,” Flight said.

“We want people to know that through this machine they have the ability to know exactly how to treat specific injuries and that it allows baseline measurements so that that we can compare and quantify where we need the muscle to be.”

Having worked with minor sporting disciplines at the device’s inception, Flight said PrimusRS will also come in hand in the country’s main sporting disciplines. Flight said the device can also help determine the physical needs of athletes.

“We have situations where our athletes are good at the sport but their posture is weak and these are some of the deficiencies that can be picked up and improved.”

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