Komichi trial: State closes case


HARARE – The State has closed its case in the matter in which MDC chief elections officer Morgen Komichi is accused of fraud and contravening the Electoral Act.

During trial, Muchadehama said Komichi’s bail dismissals were premeditated because he had been told by police officers that he would never get bail.

“Even before he (Komichi) came to court, when he came to room 93 at CID you and your officers told him he was never going to get bail,” said Muchadehama.

Makadenge denied the allegation and said the police were professional and would never say that.

The defence opened its case and called their first witness Komichi to testify.

Komichi narrated his relations with Zimbabwe Electoral Commission before elections to the time of his arrest on July 28 this year.

Prosecutor Michael Mugabe has so far led seven witnesses in the case.

Muchadehama claims Zec failed to handle the July election process, resulting in some ballot papers going missing.

Allegations are that on July 25 at Harare International Conference Centre, Komichi approached Tendayi Pamire asking to have an audience with Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau after a ballot envelope was found in a rubbish bin outside the command centre.

The State alleges that Komichi accused Zec of destroying ballot papers belonging to members of the uniformed forces who voted for the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC.

According to State papers, the envelope belonged to Constable Mugove Chiginya, a police officer who is supposed to have voted for the MDC in the Southerton Constituency.

The court heard that Chiginya, however failed to vote during the special voting period.

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