We should use alternative energy


EDITOR — Traditionally, meals in Zimbabwe are prepared three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and it is my concern that the ministry of Energy and Power Development encourage the use of gas for cooking so as to save power.

The ministry should create awareness on the use of gas as a way of saving scarce power in the country.

Most people are afraid of using gas, but if awareness is carried out, most people will resort to using gas.

I am sure if most of us use gas for cooking, we will be able to save a lot of power in the country, hence less load-shedding.

I have seen in Botswana, they do not experience the load-shedding we have here because most households use gas.

There are also a lot of gas service providers who deliver into homes, which is something we should also be doing.

It would therefore be fair for the ministry to put a duty-free policy on gas and solar equipment so that we can access them at a reasonable rate.

If we use gas for cooking, which is faster, and then solar geysers for heating bathing water, we save a lot of energy and end the frustration of load-shedding.

The ministry should see what our neighbours are doing and learn from them.

We are tired of the load-shedding and we now expect action.


Glen Norah.

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