Passengers injured escaping snake


BULAWAYO – Two Bulawayo commuters suffered broken elbows yesterday afternoon while attempting to escape from a black mamba which slithered out of the back seat of a “pirate taxi”.

Dumisani Nyoni, 19, and Mtsepeng Zhou, 18, sat in shock along Fort Street with broken left hand elbows while other six other passengers were helping the injured teenagers when the Daily News crew arrived at the scene.

Nyoni and Zhou had jumped out of the moving vehicle while other passengers scrambled out of the unregistered taxi to escape from the deadly snake.

Passengers abandoned the vehicle in the middle of the road.

A crowd surrounded the car to see the snake. The police and an ambulance crew attended the scene.
One motorist managed to run over the snake.

The driver, Tawanda Makonese, 26, told police that he was shaken to hear his passengers shouting “a snake, a snake” while the two teenagers jumped out of the moving car.

“I don’t know where that snake came from and I am still shocked because it is hard to explain.  It’s like I am dreaming. 

“Maybe one of the passengers carried the snake in my car because I cannot think of anything else at the moment, or someone bewitched me,” Makonese told the police.

He suspected that someone amongst his eight passengers owned the snake.

One of the injured teenagers said he did not notice there was a snake when they got into the car.

“When we entered the car we did not see the snake but to our surprise when the car was on its way the coiled mamba just rolled to our feet that is when we opened the car doors and jumped out.

“I still don’t understand where the snake came from,” Nyoni said.

Zhou said the driver must be seriously questioned as he suspects it is associated with witchcraft.

“How does a snake end up in a car in broad day light in a town like this? Right now I have broken my elbow because of something I don’t understand. The driver should give us answers.

“We should respect each other as human beings, if someone needs money he should work for it rather than use juju,” Zhou charged.

Other passengers who were in the car expressed disappointment saying they have never witnessed such an incident happen.

“In my entire life I have never experienced a terrifying incident like this. How can a mamba get inside a car?

“Maybe the world is coming to an end,” one the passengers said.

The police said they are going to investigate the matter further.

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