Former boxing promoter Mau Mau knocks down cyclist


HARARE – Former boxing promoter Stalin Mau Mau has been hauled before the courts on charges of driving without a licence and negligent driving.

The 59-year-old Zanu PF stalwart pleaded guilty to both counts and said he “did not want to waste time”.

Charges against Mau Mau arose after he hit John Mawiro, 50, a cyclist, resulting in the loss of two of his teeth.

Mau Mau told the court he was in possession of a United Kingdom (UK) driver’s licence at the time of the accident.

“I have a licence that I took in 1981 while in the UK,” he said.

“It’s only that when the police requested it, I failed to locate and produce within the stipulated time but if I can be given seven days, I can bring documents that prove that I have one.”

Prosecutor Barbra Ndoro argued that Mau Mau could have regularised the foreign licence to get permission to drive.

In mitigation, the former boxing promoter said he took Mawiro to the police immediately after the accident and promised to cover all medical expenses.

“I was the first person to rush with Mawiro to the police where he was referred to hospital. I even made a promise to cover all medical expenses,” he said.

“I am 59, married with six children. I am self employed and receiving a pension of about $300. Besides the car, I have no other valuable assets except for the $42 I have on me.”

Ndoro alleged that on September 8 Mau Mau drove an Isuzu KB due north along Domboshava Road.

Mawiro was cycling due south.

The car approached Windone Shopping Centre and Mau Mau then turned right at the shops.

It is the State’s case that he suddenly turned right in front of the cyclist and a collision happened.

Mawiro fell down, sustained minor injuries and lost two of his teeth.

Harare magistrate Blessing Murwisi rules on the matter today.

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