Daily News story was spot-on


HARARE – In yet another confirmation that the Daily News is a newspaper for the people and that we always fight on the right side of history, authorities have now confirmed that some senior policemen are indeed involved in corrupt activities.

This untenable state of affairs has forced commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri to take remedial action against the offending cops.

Although police spokesperson, senior assistant commissioner Charity Charamba, refused to shed light on Wednesday regarding the exact disciplinary action that is being taken against the cops who stand accused of engaging in serious graft, including commissioner Oliver Chibage, she confirmed that the Daily News’ exclusive investigations and reports on these matters have been, as usual, 100 percent correct.

Indeed, we lead and others follow, always telling it like it is, without fear or favour — as confirmed by the myriad of our other scoops that we have run within a short time back such as Zesagate and Nieebgate.

As we recently stated, our role as the eyes and ears of our beloved country has become even more critical following the decimation of the MDCs in July’s contested polls, and Zimbabweans can look forward to more probing and groundbreaking investigative journalism from our matchless team going into the future.

On that score, Chihuri is to be commended for taking a deservedly strong stance towards the allegations of serious graft within the upper echelons of the force, a fact confirmed by Charamba on Wednesday who said police were finalising the cases involving the fingered cops, with a view to taking them through internal disciplinary hearings.

We say please, throw the kitchen sink at these malcontents, for the police force is already under enough pressure generally without also having to fend off graft charges.

Our fervent hope is that our notoriously meddlesome politicians do not get in the way of the critical work in this regard that Chihuri and his team have now valiantly embarked upon — for it is never easy to spotlight malfeasance within the ranks of the police, the military and politics.

Indeed, it is only through this kind of brave action that confidence in our beleaguered police force will be re-established, and  law and order in the country truly affected in a non-partisan manner.

Yet, and without any shadow of doubt, corruption is one of the biggest problems afflicting our resource-rich but paradoxically poor country — which has meant that our national wealth is illegally and corruptly parcelled out among a few politically-connected rotten eggs.

In fact, were Chihuri and his team given enough political support in this noble endeavour, instead of the current misplaced government emphasis on non-existent sanctions, the debilitating poverty and inequality that afflicts our country would be greatly mitigated in no time!

It is in the public interest for the police to disclose information about corruption in their force.

Police are not a private entity, they serve and protect the people on taxpayers’ expense and the public needs to know what is happening.

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