Bona’s wedding in March — Mugabe


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe yesterday said his daughter Bona will tie the knot in March next year.

Commissioning two boys’ hostels and a bus to Chishawasha Mission Primary School just  outside Harare, a jovial Mugabe said all were welcome to the wedding of his daughter, an accountant by profession.

Mugabe’s 24-year-old daughter completed traditional marriage formalities with boyfriend, Simba Chikowore, at the family’s Zvimba rural home in August, with the Qatar Airways pilot said to have paid $35 000 in bride price.

Just last week, Mugabe’s wife Grace also hinted that Bona will be walking down the aisle soon without giving a specific date.

However, Mugabe went a step further, showering praises on his daughter, who was by his side.

“We have this sister here whom we named Bona after her grandmother,” Mugabe said.

“She went to school at Dominican Convent. She was brought up in a Christian environment and on November 16, she will be going back to Singapore for her graduation, she already has a Bachelors’ degree and now this one will be a Masters.

“As you know, she has now chosen to have her own family, she will be having her wedding probably in March next year, tinozokukokai mose (we will invite you).”

Mugabe, a Catholic, was also accompanied by First Lady Grace, who last weekend called upon girls to treasure their virginity.

The veteran Zanu PF leader said it was his government’s top priority to educate everyone and encouraged schools to inculcate good behaviour in pupils.

Speaking about the hostel project which he helped build, Mugabe said Chishawasha was an important place for him because it was his late mother Bona’s birth place.

Mugabe said he personally sourced funding for the project.

Mbuya Bona is the name of the bus that Mugabe donated to the Catholic school.

“We value education; I think I should say it is actually a cancer among our people because everyone wants their children to go to school and that is why we have been giving out computers to schools,” the former teacher said.

“We normally give 10 computers per school but favouritism irikowo saka Chishawasha takavapa 20.

“It is very important, that is where Kutama came from, where it was born,” said Mugabe referring to people who migrated from Chishawasha to Zvimba, including his late mother.

Mugabe said it was important to fund education locally because missionaries were gone.

“We have our people whom we have empowered through education and now they are prosperous in business and they are prepared to give back to the community,” he said.

“When Father Mukonori (Fidelis) approached us we thought of our long-time friend Kamushinda (Enock).

“He is not Catholic but because of our friendship, our understanding, he has come forward to help us with the construction of this block, so we leave you this project as a gift from our friend Kamushinda.”

The president pledged to construct another hostel for the girls.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by businessman Kamushinda, Local government minister Ignatius Chombo and the Provincial Superior of Jesuit Fathers Stephen Buckland, who led a special thanksgiving mass.

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