5 killed in horror crash


HARARE – Five people died on the spot yesterday morning in a horror accident when a Toyota Raum rammed into a Muzeya Bus near Zindoga Shopping Centre along Simon Mazorodze Road in Harare.

Charity Charamba, national police spokesperson, could not immediately reveal the number of the injured.

“I haven’t yet received the full details but five people died on the spot,” Charamba told the Daily News.

Witnesses said six people on the bus, including the driver, were seriously injured.

The accident occurred when the Toyota Raum burst a front tyre  and encroached into the lane of the oncoming bus, resulting in a freak head-on collision.

“We have never seen what happened today,” witness Farai Muchena said.

“The small car (Toyota Raum) tried to overtake and unfortunately it burst a tyre and flew into the air, encroaching the lane of the oncoming bus and then there was a head-on collision while the Toyota Raum was still in the air.

“The small car was sent rolling several times and one lady was thrown out of the car, while four other people remained trapped in the car. The bus then plunged into the drain.”

One woman and four men in the Toyota Raum died on the spot.

“One of them did not have a head (sic) and another had his body split into two, brains were everywhere,” Festus Garwe, another witness said.

“These people were badly injured. The driver of the bus was not badly injured because he came out of the bus walking by himself. Other passengers in the bus had slight injuries.”

The fully-loaded bus was said to be coming from Nerupiri in Masvingo.

When the Daily News visited the accident scene, Harare Fire Brigade workers were cleaning blood splattered everywhere and picking up pieces of human flesh strewn all over the place, while the bodies of the deceased lay by the roadside, covered in red blankets. It was a grisly sight.

The bus was heavily damaged on the front, while the windscreen was smashed. A few metres away was the mangled wreck of the Toyota Raum.

From afar, dejected passengers watched as bus conductors removed luggage from the bus.

“This is really terrible,” said a woman who only identified herself as Amai Chiedza.

“I was seating at the back and I a heard a big bang. The next thing the bus had plunged into the drain. When we disembarked we saw blood all over and bodies thrown everywhere lying lifeless.”

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