Police confirm action on corrupt top cops


HARARE – Police yesterday confirmed taking disciplinary measures against ex-police commissioner Oliver Chibage and other senior cops implicated in corruption deals.

The scandals involving corruption among top police officers using police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri’s name were exposed by the Daily News.

National police spokesperson Charity Charamba told a press briefing that Chibage and other unnamed officers were indeed implicated in corruption scandals.

“With regards to the issue concerning Commissioner Chibage, the organisation wishes to settle this matter once and for all,” Charamba was quoted as saying by online State media yesterday.

Chibage was fingered by a Harare couple to have abused his powers and harassed them in what they alleged was a relentless drive to illegally seize their investments.

Although the police commissioner denied any corrupt doings, Charamba yesterday said the matter had been brought to the attention of Chihuri and disciplinary measures were taken.

“The involvement of Commissioner Chibage and others in all these cases is a matter which falls in the purview of police discipline which has already been handled under the Police Act and the matter has been finalised,” Charamba was quoted by the State media last night.

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