Mafa lays out grand plan for new party


BULAWAYO – Disgruntled former MDC legislator Felix Mafa has described the newly-proposed party currently using a provisional name of Independent Candidates Coalition (ICC) as a social democratic party that seeks to bring an end to a decade-long socio-economic and political predicament faced by Zimbabweans.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Tuesday, Mafa said the ICC was the only way to go for Zimbabwe’s heavily polarised political arena.

“The party shall be a social democratic party that shall be pro-poor and compassionate, all inclusive, dynamic and visionary, that is our ideology,” said party spokesperson Mafa.

“We are pan-Africanists whose values are transparency, accountability, justice, equality, non-discrimination, freedom of expression and media.”

Political analysts have described Mafa, who together with over 50 disgruntled MDC members across the country ran as independent candidates and lost in the July 30 elections, as nothing but  bitter politicians.

But yesterday, the former Magwegwe MP, who spoke at length about his abuse at the hands of the MDC leadership, cemented the idea of a political party after two months of apparent hard work.

Although he refused to shed light on reports of merging with the Lovemore Madhuku-led NCA which was recently transformed into a political party, indications on the ground point to the fact that the two have already agreed to form one formidable party.

Some former MDC executives together with former Chitungwiza and Marondera mayors have already teamed up with the NCA to form a party they hope will bring to an end President Robert Mugabe’s uninterrupted rule since independence from Britain in 1980.

“Zanu PF and MDC seem to have merged under the unity government because their behaviour is now the same.
As a result, progressive forces are merging,” said Mafa, adding that a number of individuals he refused to name from different political parties have already indicated their interest to join the new party.

Mafa took the opportunity to lay down his party’s grand plan including the party’s ideology, mission statement, values and the vision ahead for its first ever congress whose date is yet to be announced but is set for early next year.

He said the party’s symbol, slogan, colours as well as the executive among other crucial matters was set to be decided at the congress.

The former Magwegwe legislator, who lost after running as an independent candidate, unveiled the proposed party’s organogram which he said will be led by a single president and a vice president while a National Council or Standing Committee will be in charge.

He said most of the values in the new party were similar to that of the MDC which he believes lost the elections after violating their own constitution.

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