Don’t destroy people’s homes


EDITOR — Government must desist from the habit of destroying people’s homes, it only worsens their plight.

I know that there are by-laws that need to be complied with but the people have been staying in those places for years now.

It is wiser to just let them stay. If government wanted to do something proper and honourable, they would simply charge them a certain amount for the land they allocated themselves and then allow them to stay.

Some of the people staying “illegally” on these properties are very poor and may never get the money to build proper houses.

They have children and women, what happened to government’s sworn mandate to protect the vulnerable?

There is no need to make these people live miserably as they are disadvantaged members of society.

We need government to address issues like providing us with safe drinking water, power, food security, shelter, proper sanitation and improved healthcare.

When confronted with a situation where people have housed themselves “illegally”, government should not be overzealous about proving to the world that they can evict them, rather as mature people their focus ought to be on coming up with ways the affected can be helped to have safer and more appropriate places to stay.

Zanu PF boast that they are a party that gives land to the landless.

Has it ever occurred to them that people in urban areas can be landless too?

They also need land to build their houses on.

Land is usually made available to people in rural areas but it is sold at an exorbitant price to urbanites.

We are all Zimbabweans and we all deserve equal treatment.

I have never heard of a time when our honourable ministers wanted to go to rural areas to destroy people’s homes but there have been enough stories of government expressing concern over the shanty makeshift houses mushrooming in  the cities.

Is it because those in rural areas build more enviable habitats or that those dwelling in the cities usually vote for the MDC?

Let’s try by all means to remain level headed and prioritise the needs of all Zimbabweans whether urban or rural.

Government must be at the forefront of trying to ease our suffering and not look for methods of inflicting it upon us.

D Muwoni,


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