Dispute over name is inconsequential


EDITOR — The MDC have more pressing matters requiring their attention than engaging in a wrangle over their name.

It doesn’t matter right now who came up with the name MDC, what matters most is who contributed to their defeat at the hands of Zanu PF.

People should focus on defeating Zanu PF in the 2018 elections.

To put in Oliver Mtukudzi’s words “wongorora chikonzero chaita musoro uteme”.

If they keep on making headlines for these peripheral matters, they risk being seen as green. Right now there is a vacant seat in Bikita and they should be working flat out to win it but instead they are buried neck deep in meaningless issues like the ownership of their brand name.

It doesn’t matter who coined the name. They need to focus on more pressing issues like sniffing out moles within their system to prevent humiliating eventualities like what happened in Mutare when some of their own voted for Zanu PF candidates.

The MDC should understand that the reason why they became popular is that they are seen as defenders of our liberties and champions of our democratic space.

We understand that when Tsvangirai stood up for the people we were at a very delicate and compromising position. Fear was our greatest foe but he defied it and stood on the windward side, being beaten, lampooned, derided and victimised in every way imaginable.

He made us believers, years later I feel that he lost track of things and began to concentrate on less sublime matters as witnessed by the MDC fight over retaining their brand name.

We really don’t care whether the party is called, Slumdog, ZvaMuseyamwa or Kukunda.

What drew us to the party in the first place was never its name but the values they enshrine.

We want to hear news about major strides being made by the party towards ensuring that they outwit their political rivals in the 2018 polls.

They should do a soul searching exercise and seek understanding about why they failed and how they can succeed. 

So while it is obviously important for them to retain their brand name, it is even more crucial for them to retain their status as the “people’s choice”

D. Zvemisha,


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