Wendall seeks discharge from insurance fraud case


HARARE – Former Big Brother Africa reality TV show winner Wendall Parsons, who is facing $20 000 car insurance fraud, has applied for discharge at the close of the state case.

Parsons, who is jointly charged with his brother William, said the state has failed to prove a prima facie case against them.

Parsons’ lawyer will file an application for discharge on October 22, with the state expected to respond on October 25.

It is the State’s case that William was involved in an accident while driving his brother’s Ford Ranger, on March 16 this year.

The accident was reported at Borrowdale Police Station and it is alleged that Wendall’s vehicle was not insured on the day of the accident.

Allegations are that Wendall allegedly connived with his brother after the accident and hatched a plan to defraud Alliance Insurance (Pvt) Ltd.

William allegedly went to the insurance brokers on March 18 where he applied for insurance for the Ford Ranger and two other trailers.

A few days after insuring the vehicle, it is alleged Wendall filed an insurance claim and attached fraudulent documents purporting that the accident occurred on March 28 when in actual fact it had occurred on March 16.

The insurance company processed Wendall’s claim of $23 750 for the vehicle.

It is the State’s case that before he was given the money, the insurance risk department carried out investigations and discovered that the accident had occurred before the car was insured.

Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo will rule on the matter on October 28.

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