Popular DJ turns fugitive?


HARARE – Zuze was taken aback when a Harare magistrate issued a warrant of arrest for ‘popular’ Harare DJ and television presenter Tich Mataz.

Tich had failed to turn up for a court appointment and with his name read out several times, a warrant of arrest was immediately issued.

Talk of a popular figure suddenly becoming a fugitive.

Interestingly the grapevine was already awash with Mataz’s court no show and possible run and which countries they thought he had escaped to.

Zuze was however relieved when the DJ brother turned himself to the courts and had his warrant of arrest suspended. Tich says he was in some African country attending to church business.

What Church business if Zuze may ask? Zuze understands there is money within the church business and plenty of it for the smart ones!

And yet another no-show at Dancehall fiesta

For all his efforts, Patson Chimbodza the guy who calls himself Chipaz has made money out of music promotions if one has to judge from the people who pay to attend concerts he organises.

Last weekend Chipaz short-changed youthful dancehall fans as he advertised two star musicians Guspy Warrior and Shinsoman yet fully knowing they would not be in Zimbabwe.

The two, who were among the top draw cards for the bash were actually performing miles away in South Africa.

And the fans who had packed Gwanzura Stadium in Highfiled were not impressed at all.

Zuze was surprised at Chipaz’s response to the two’s absence when they were on adverts and posters for the fiesta as he sid he was actuall aware that they were engaged elsewhere.

The promoter said he learnt about it after he had already printed posters and made adverts.

But who did he tell? Why did he not put new adverts and posters with the correct information?

Chipaz should be warned that one day he risks losing more with such behaviour as fans can turn rowdy and violent.

Fans can destroy equipment and other venue facilities when they feel short-changed. And they can also attack musicians.

Mutodi — a flight risk?

The courts recently dealt a fatal blow to rhumba-sungura musician and businessman Energy Mutodi as they could not release his passport saying he was a flight risk.

Mutodi — a flight risk?

With more than 10 000 angry home seekers baying for his blood after he swindled them of the hard earned dollar with promises of housing stands, the courts thought running could an option for the flamboyant businessmen.

And run to where? Zuze thinks the DRC would be a nice destination — what with forming a rhumba band there!
But after Tich disappeared for a few days without telling the courts of his travels, magistrates can no longer trust our once dear and beloved brothers.

Mutodi has to stay in Zimbabwe and be monitored, his freedom is curtailed.

Gay gospel star fails to turn up

SOUTH African gospel singer Lundi stood his Harare fans last weekend in a no-show that angered many paying faithful.

Lundi, who confessed being gay became the mysterious missing guest at Harare Gardens where he was billed to perform as the day’s draw card.

And surprisingly to Zuze the gospel concert was well attended. Where all these people aware that the brother was gay?

A young promoter Beauty James of Beauty Africa Promotions who had arranged the gospel extravaganza was at pains trying to explain Lundi’s no show, first lying to reporters that the singer was actually in the country. The promoter said Lundi was not feeling well and was fast asleep at a local hotel.

It all turned out to be false. Lundi was nowhere near Harare and Zuze understands that he had seconded a band to grace the showcase and blind audiences.

It pains Zuze why promoters have become crooks and more so when they lie in day broad-light and get away with it.

Why advertise an artiste you really know is not going to show up?

Where there any performing contracts signed between Lundi and this young and overzealous promoter?

Promoters should not just take Zimbos for granted and Zuze remembers quite a number of such bogus promoters who have gone under.

Reputation is important in promotions, especially music promotions. Like they say, once beaten twice shy – Zuze has taken note of this promoter!

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