Girl dies after drinking paraffin


BULAWAYO – A seven-year-old girl from Njube suburb died on Saturday afternoon after drinking paraffin left by the housemaid on the kitchen floor, police have confirmed.

Housekeeper Sazini Dube, 23, allegedly left a bottle of paraffin she intended to use for making floor polish while she collected laundry from a washing line.

In a statement, police said Dube left the girl unattended in the living room while the parents of the child were taking a bath.

Dube told the police that she found the girl in the process of drinking paraffin when she returned and snatched the bottle away.

She said she did not expect the mishap considering that the girl was playing in the living room, far from the kitchen.

The middle-aged parents told the police that they were alerted by the maid who came knocking on their bathroom door screaming that the child had drunk paraffin.

They found the girl seated struggling to breathe and rushed her to hospital but she died on the way.

A doctor’s report said that the infant had consumed a lot of paraffin which led to her sudden death.

The police said Dube was negligent by leaving the paraffin bottle down on the floor in the presence of a tot in the house.


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