Carl commences national tour


HARARE – Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube has commenced his national tour in which he will be interacting with fans across the country.

Carl kicked off his tour by visiting Chiedza Child Care Centre in Waterfalls last Thursday.

“I began my national tour on Thursday and will this whole month be doing some comedy here and there. But the general reason for the tour is that I am trying to inspire a generation of Zimbabweans.”

Carl is not only a comedian but also a graphic designer.

“I will be wearing different hats on the tour, teaching animation, social media strategy, motivational talks, telling jokes, teaching comedy and setting up comedy nights around Zimbabwe.

“At Chiedza Child Care Centre in Waterfalls I was imparting skills they may find useful later in life. I was teaching them animation and I talked about how I became a comedian just in case there was one in the group,” he said.

At times people forget it is the little things that count and that it is not all about money but the time and commitment directed towards a certain cause.

“There were about 200 kids, I did animation with 60 then did comedy and career guidance talk with about 180. The kids were just happy to know they could do animation without needing much and I was just happy to be the one to show them. Then I told some jokes, most worked but two didn’t.

“I can’t remember which ones but I told these two jokes and no one laughed —  they just looked at me like ndinopenga (I am crazy) hahaha.

“I said something about Zimbabwe that 10-year-olds would not know about; I guess they are too young to know Voltron. It was very funny and I enjoyed it,” he said.

Carl will also tour Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Kariba, Chinhoyi, Masvingo, Victoria Falls, Nyanga and Mutare.

The centre was established in August, 2001 by people from different walks of life after they had realised that there were rising cases of vulnerable children who had no one to look after them.

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