Two testify in Makarau number plates case


HARARE – Two witnesses yesterday testified in a motor vehicle theft scam involving an ex-police officer who allegedly used Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Rita Makarau’s number plates on a stolen car.

Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) accountant Tendai Livingstone Mubvumbi, who was responsible for authorising and processing a duplicate registration book belonging to Makarau, said he issued the document because Gilbert Zvaita had met the necessary pre-requisite for attaining them.

Charges against Zvaita arose after he was arrested for unlawful entry and theft of a motor vehicle.

Mubvumbi said Zvaita visited their office on June 4 with a completed CVR4 form that bore Makarau’s name, address and requested for a duplicate registration book.

“I met him (Zvaita) on June 4 when he approached our offices with a CVR4 form which was completed indicating he wanted a duplicate registration book for Makarau,” Mubvumbi said.

“He said he had been sent on her behalf to get the book and because the registration system and number plates tallied, we were convinced the motor vehicle belonged to Makarau and authorised processing the book.

“As a senior government official, Makarau does not approach our offices seeking such services. The messenger is required to leave a national ID, sign on the forms and pay $30 as acknowledgement for receiving the book.”

Through his lawyer Benjamin Chidenga, Zvaita denied consulting Mubvumbi and said he approached one Chinzvete who assisted him in processing the duplicate registration book.

Another witness Talent Chinyowa a detective inspector and officer-in-charge at CID said Zvaita approached him saying he had been sent by Makarau to replace lost number plates.

“He came to clear a motor vehicle in respect of lost number plates. He told me that he had been sent by Makarau to replace lost number plates.

Chinyowa said he cleared Zvaita because it was procudural since he had the duplicate registry book: “The fact that he was in possession of the duplicate registration book entitled him to police clearance.”

Harare regional magistrate deferred the trail to October 16.

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