The ball is in Zanu PF’s court


EDITOR — I have two questions for Nathaniel Manheru, whoever he really is, with regards to his suggesting Morgan Tsvangirai concede defeat and that the MDC and ZPF hold hands once again, albeit, in a different way to take the country forward.

I ,like just about every single Zimbabwean, desperately want to see our nation enjoy peace, unity and national prosperity.

My question is this: “Mr Manheru. Why will Zec not release the electronic version of the voters’ roll?

And secondly, my other question is this, “If Zanu PF won ‘four thirds’ of the elections fairly and squarely will that party be open to a full and overt forensic audit of everything electoral in Zimbabwe and also release all details of the last national census?

If, as Almighty God sees things, the past run-up to including the voter registration and the voters’ roll, the polls themselves and the post election time are totally above board and democratic why then can all this not be brought into the light?

A lot of what you say, Mr Manheru, would be good if it were in a different situation but I was one of those voters whose name continually goes missing from the voters’ roll.

And so, let us start at a very good place to start; With the truth! Because without that, and especially in a nation that calls itself Christian, there is no other place to start and without truth we cannot expect God’s  blessings and go forward. I think the ball is in ZPF’s court.

Weeping Hannah.

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