Let us not kill domestic tourism


EDITOR — I would like to express my concern over the attitude of staff and management at Snake World.

I recently visited the place with my family and paid the requisite $5 per adult and $3 per child entrance fee.

Upon receiving the receipt, we entered the premises only to realise that out of approximately 29 display units, only about six units actually had snakes inside. The rest were empty. I duly went back to the reception desk to register my complaint.

The gentleman at that desk advised that they were renovating the place to which I replied that we should have been notified when we arrived or even better, a notice to that effect should have been placed outside.

I asked for the manager’s contact details which I received and was advised that his name was “Biggie”.

I duly phoned him and his response was both non-committal and non-apologetic, simply advising me to leave my name and phone number at the reception. I did this and that was the last time I spoke with that gentleman.

I wish to advise the management of Snake World that it is not only unprofessional but amounts to misrepresentation, which is actionable at law, to charge for services that are not available.

I have been to the Snake World in previous years and the place was practically brimming with various types of snakes.

With the current state of affairs, future generations will dismiss domestic tourism as just another money-making scheme that adds little value to their experiences or knowledge.

Let us not kill our domestic tourism just for the sake of a few extra dollars.

N S Nyaruwata.


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