Drama at court as women fight over man


HARARE – There was drama yesterday at the Harare Civil Court after a scorned woman punched a rival over a man.
Catherine Mudiwa yesterday took the law into her own hands after she felt unhappy with a court judgment in favour of her rival, leading to her beating up her husband’s new wife.

Mudiwa had approached the maintenance court demanding a monthly allowance of $250 from her ex-husband Tendai Mabvanya.

She said the money was for the upkeep of their child.

However, Mabvanya denied having fathered a child with Mudiwa.

“I don’t have a child with her and the money she is asking for is too much,” said Mabvanya, who works for the ministry of Health and Child Care. “I can only afford to pay her $40 whilst paternity tests are being conducted because now I am not sure if this child is mine.”

He said given the money he earns, he cannot afford giving the child the amount Mudiwa was demanding, considering that he has another wife and three children.

Mudiwa refuted Mabvanya’s claims and told the court that his ex-husband only has two children.

In his judgment, magistrate Milton Serima ordered that Mabvanya pays $50 monthly maintenance, while waiting for the results of a paternity test.

Serima said that if paternity results point that Mabvanya was the father of the child, she can approach the court to seek for a variation.

He said if Mabvanya is not the father, his money will be refunded.

However, the drama was taken out of the courtroom when Mudiwa punched Mabvanya’s wife for mocking her, drawing attention of hoards of people.

The two were taken into police custody.


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