Zim fashion designer shares New York experience


HARARE – Designer Maita Marimo’s star continues to shine.

The 28-year-old recently participated alongside other young and upcoming designers in the Nolcha Fashion Week in New York.

The ambitious designer’s inspirational designs received rave reviews with some websites rating her among the top five at the Big Apple fashion event.

Daily News on Sunday’s Sharon Muguwu (SM) spoke with Maita (MM) on her flourishing fashion career.

Below are excerpts of the interview:

SM: How did it feel to be part of the Nolcha Fashion Week?

MM: My experience at Nolcha Fashion Week was amazing. It was more than I expected. People from within the New York fashion industry were in attendance.

The models were professionals. The set up was world-class. It was eye-opening and I learnt a lot.
SM: Did you make any acquaintances there?

There were a couple of celebrities in attendance at the fashion show Jennie Garth, Mel B (Melanie Brown from Spice Girls) and her husband, RnB group Allure, Kelly Rutherford from Gossip Girls.

After the show, I was approached by fashion agents and a couple of boutique owners who showed interest in my work.

Nolcha Fashion Week arranged events for designers to network so I had the opportunity to meet a couple of people from within the industry.

SM: Did anyone express interest in your designs and if so how many were they and where are they from?
I received good reviews from many New York fashion critics.

SM: What has inspired you to make plans to open an online shopping facility?

MM: I was inspired to launch an online store after I received numerous emails from Zimbabweans in the diaspora saying they would like to wear something made in Zimbabwe.

I want to make my brand easily accessible to them. And besides online shopping is becoming a significant part of the international market.

It is a hustle-free way of shopping and accessing something unique.

SM: When is your next big show?

My next show I will be the Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe in November.

SM: Can you give an overall overview of your fashion collection?

Tribal Chic is the name of the collection and it is inspired by Shona and Ndebele traditional attires used for dancing.

It is not done in the obvious way that many   associate with African tribe apparel.

Instead of the bold, vibrant colours, I used neutral colours and western fabrics.

I focused more on the silhouettes of the garment for example the pants in my collection have an over skirt and beading on the waist something that we see in most traditional dancing attire.


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