Septuagenarian demands conjugal rights


HARARE – A Harare man yesterday left the court in stitches after he told the Harare Civil Court that his wife has reduced their 44-year-old relationship to that of a mere brother and sister.

Bothwell Magaisa had been dragged to court by his wife Loveness, who was seeking a protection order.

The wife told the court yesterday that Magaisa had attempted to strangle her, before he was fined after being detained for two nights and that she feared for her life.

Magaisa admitted assaulting his wife but told the court that it was normal for a married couple to have problems.

Magaisa said despite the two having grown old together, Loveness did not want to stay with him at their Beatrice Farm.

“Your worship, how can I deny that I assaulted my wife when the laws are strict on the definition of assault? Even if I touched her collar, it is assault.

“I am sorry to tell you that my wife does not want to see me around at our house. When I come back she sleeps in a spare bedroom. She has reduced our 44-year-old marriage to a mere brother and sister relationship,” said Magaisa.

In his defence, he added that he even asked his wife to come and stay with him at their farm so that he can help with household chores.

Magaisa, who is in his seventies, told the court that he looks widowed in the eyes of his neighbours at his Beatrice farm.

He added that his wife is not known at the farm because she rarely visits.

“I cook for myself and do the laundry on my own because my wife is so lazy and that is why she does not want to stay at our farm with me. I even asked her then if she does not want to do the household chores for me, who then will do them?” added Magaisa.

In her judgment, Kavhiya advised the couple to observe reciprocal peace and save their relationship.

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