Minister of sports where are you?


HARARE – The creation of a stand-alone Sport, Arts and Culture ministry was hailed by all and sundry but a month after the announcement of the new cabinet, stakeholders must be worried.

And this is because the minister responsible for this portfolio, Andrew Langa is yet to make his presence felt.

Local sport is in the intensive care unit with most sporting disciplines strapped for financial resources and so is the arts and culture sector.

The expectation therefore was for Langa to hit the ground running like what the reappointed minister of information, Jonathan Moyo has done.

While we do admit that Moyo has the advantage of being reappointed to a ministry that he has led in the past, it is also our belief that those that have been thrust onto unfamiliar territory should be the ones who should be working extra hard.

We did search for activities that Langa has embarked on since his appointment but it seems he is doing nothing.

This is worrying considering the state that our sport is in.

The custodians of the most popular sport in the country, Zifa, are sitting on a $4 million debt and the once financially stable Zimbabwe Cricket has of late been faced with player mutiny because of poor remuneration.

A lot other sporting disciplines are in financial doldrums and many have even ceased operations because of poor funding.

The hopes that were raised when it was announced that Sports, Arts and Culture had been divorced from the education ministry must be fading fast because of the lack of action by the minister.

His silence gives rise to doubts that maybe he is in the dark about the portfolio that he is handling.

This is something that must be on peoples’ minds given the recent reports that President Robert Mugabe had to explain what the psychomotor portfolio is all about after the responsible minister Josiah Hungwe had failed to do so.

The trick however, is for Langa to begin consultations with stakeholders so that he gets the hang of what needs to be done.

Because Zimbabwean sport cannot afford to continue operating like it has been in the recent past.

We need permanent solutions to the financial and leadership problems that have hindered the development of sport in the country and humbly urge Langa to begin the process with immediate effect.

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