Leaving ICC will be disastrous


EDITOR — African leaders and their supporters commit some of the most heinous crimes against their own people.

That is why they want to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) so they can continue to butcher innocent citizens without imputiny.

The judiciaries in most African countries are a laughing stock, so the leaders want to ensure they will freely commit more genocide.

Why does Uhuru Kenyatta not want keep his election promise in which he said he would attend the trial in
The Hague?

If he is innocent, he will be acquitted so that he can stand up to the world and say he is clean and the court was mistaken.

Some witnesses in Kenya have disappeared or have been intimidated into withdrawing evidence.

Africa is the most brutalised of all continents, especially by its leaders during plebiscites.

That is a fact which everyone knows. If Africa leaves the ICC, then we are back to the dark ages of dictatorship and mass murder in the name of sovereignty.

To some African leaders, independence means murdering their own people without anyone raising a finger.

C Hove

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