Byo dancehall star to launch album


BULAWAYO – City of Kings dancehall chanter Nkosana “Silent Assassin” Nyathi’s highly anticipated album Kukura Kwangu will be launched at the Amphitheatre in Zimbabwe’s second biggest city on October 21.

The popular Bulawayo dancehall star, who shared the stage with ninja president Wallace “Winky D” Chirumiko when he performed in Bulawayo recently, has promised a 10-track album that dwells on life’s challenges.

“Songs on my album are educational and encouraging; they focus on real life situations that happen every day,” said Nyathi.

“Kukura Kwangu mirrors my own life experiences. I highlight how I grew up and I know that this will resonate with the lives of many people.”

The Silent Assassin’s 10-track offering, which has English, Shona and Ndebele vocals, carries a tribute song on the late Zimbabwean soccer legend Adam Ndlovu.

Nyathi is hopeful that his forthcoming album will ignite interest in reggae dancehall in the City of Kings.

“Few people in Bulawayo have interest in reggae and dancehall music in particular but I believe that when they get a chance to listen to my songs they will change their minds,” he said.

In a bid to create a competitive album, The Silent Assassin collaborated with several local artistes such as DJ Hurricane.

Plug tracks on the album include Godo, Soldier, Ndiwe and Girl Next Door.

“My CD will be in stores by the end of this month. Music lovers who have not heard my music before will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality songs on the album. I want to give Bulawayo a different taste of music,” Nyathi said.

The Silent Assassin, who is inspired by Bulawayo-based afro-fusion artiste Jeys Marabini, has done several well-attended shows in Bulawayo and in the capital City.

He said local musicians should unite to build and promote the industry.

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