Bona was not raped — First Lady


HARARE – First Lady Grace Mugabe has dismissed 2010 online reports that her daughter Bona Mugabe was sexually assaulted by two Tanzanian students while studying in Singapore.

In an address to thousands of women gathered at Harare’s City Sports Centre for the International Today’s Women Conference yesterday, she said  the reports were patently false, fabricated by people with a malicious political agenda.

“She did not state who she suspected was the source of the claims, but said she was proud that she managed to raise her daughter ‘in the ways of God’.”

Online reports alleged that Bona was the victim of drink spiking and rape at a student party held in the upmarket Faber Park neighbourhood. 

The accused were reported arguing they had consensual sex.

One of the alleged accused was identified as  Patrick Azziz, the 27-year-old son of Tanzanian business tycoon Rostam Aziz.

Patrick, together with an unidentified co-accused, allegedly invited Bona to the lavish party and allegedly plied her with spiked wines before having sex with her in one of the bedrooms, the report claimed.

Speaking for the first time about the claims, hte First Lady said the reports were false.

“Kwakambotaurwa kuti akarepwa asi manyepo iwayo,” she said.

“Veduwe ngatisadaro vana vevamwe vanhu, politics ngadzisadaro. Bona is a rightful woman and I even advised her not allow her fiancée to touch her until they are married.

“It is very unfortunate that issues of rape are on the rise but we want to assure you that baba and I are working tirelessly to alleviate such social ills.

“Because Zimbabwe is a nation build on Christian values, we should continue working together as women and prayer warriors to curb homosexuality.

“I am a very proud woman today because I have daughter who is good example of what we are celebrating today, that is ‘today’s woman’,” she said.

“She loves God and respects and listens to us.

“I always told her that education should be your first husband.”

The First Lady said Bona finished her first degree within two and half years and pursued Banking and Finance.

“That is when she told me about her boyfriend Simba Chikore,” she said.

“It was always my wish that my daughter should get married while she is still a virgin. I wanted things to be done the traditional way and we went through the lobola and the wedding which is yet to come.”

She urged Zimbabwean women to work hard and empower the nation.

“Amai Guti (referring to the wife of Zaoga founder Eunor Guti), we should pray for lazy women, those who do not want to work and depend on their husbands,” she said.

“When I got married to the president, I would inform him about my business proposals but he never had trust in me. I started making and selling clothes at my shop and made him build trust in me because he realised I had potential,” she said.

“Now we own a dairy farm and company that we run together. We want to see more women in the mining sector. We should not sleep and depend on our husbands, let us rise and work.”

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