We will fight for protection of wetlands


EDITOR ? Combined Harare Residents Association (Chra) environment committee has vowed to fight for the protection of wetlands in Harare.

Residents quizzed the wanton distribution of and construction on wetlands as seen in Borrowdale, Belvedere and Gunhill.

The Borrowdale shopping mall, Chinese shopping mall and the proposed Monavale shopping mall in Gunhill are all situated on wetlands which pose a threat to the ecosystem.

It is public knowledge that the Constitution provides for the protection of wetlands which have been threatened by the irregular allocation of land and the mushrooming of illegal and uncontrolled housing cooperatives and shoddy development constructions.

The Environment Management Agency (EMA) has been doing some civic education to try and educate people on the benefits of conserving our wetlands.

However, there is need to strengthen its role from a policy perspective in view of its current mandate.

To this end, the environment committee of the association has embarked on a mission to unravel the effects of constructions being done on wetlands.

The outcomes of this mission will be compiled into a report which will be submitted to the respective parliamentary portfolio committee dealing with land and the environment.

We challenge the ministry responsible for protecting our environment to ensure that all shoddy construction deals that were done on wetlands be reversed.

This must be followed by an audit bent on finding out the circumstances leading to the construction on wetlands with all culprits regardless of portfolio being brought to book.


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