MDC addresses Tsvangirai ouster push


HARARE – Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC said yesterday leadership renewal will only be dealt with at the party’s next elective congress in 2016.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC spokesperson, admitted yesterday that there were some in the party’s top echelons including the national executive, national council and the national standing committee who felt that it was necessary to allow the party to reinvent itself  in the wake of the recent electoral defeat to Zanu PF.

The former Nyanga legislator said there were varied opinions in the party’s top brass over the issue and the other party structures, from provinces to cell branches were yet to give their opinion in the debate.

He however, indicated that it was not permissible for party members to discuss leadership renewal through the press while there were platforms including the national and provincial council meetings, to do so.

“The subject of leadership renewal is an internal party thing,” Mwonzora told reporters.

“We do not discuss these things in the press without exhausting the debate internally.”

Mwonzora explained disciplinary measures taken against Ian Kay, who suggested that Tsvangirai should step down.

Mwonzora accused Kay of ignoring protocol when he spoke to the press about his opinion on the MDC leadership.

“It is not undemocratic to call people for disciplinary hearings,” Mwonzora said.

“The MDC is a party of rules it has a constitution and it has regulations. Part of the party’s responsibility is to make sure that all party members abide by the constitution and abide by the rules and if these rules are not abided by, the leadership has a mandate to make sure that the party rules and regulations are followed.

“The position of the MDC and the position of Morgan Tsvangirai is that the issue of succession and leadership renewal are not crimes and people within the party are free to express their views in any manner that they like.”

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