Kumabhebhi draws crowds


HARARE – The famed Kumabhebhi gig on Wednesday night featuring musicians Clare Nyakujara, Diana Samkange and Cindy Munyavi at the Private Lounge proved a good endorsement of Zimbabwean female musicians.

Hundreds thronged one of Harare’s newest entertainment venues to witness the year-long girls-only collaboration which has attracted a lot of interest among revellers.

Nyakujara, who is the lead vocalist for The Other Four, is delighted with the support they continue to get from Zimbabweans.

“The turnout was great on Wednesday as we had almost 153 people. I did not think so many people would come as this is a different venue that normally hosts acts that are different from us,” said Nyakujara.

“I am delighted that frequent performers like Bev and other dancers came to the show to support us,” she said.

Kumabhebhi gigs are not restricted to one venue.

“We change venues constantly because we want to attract people from all walks of life.

“We don’t want to have a resident place because some people are comfortable in some places and not in others,” added Nyakujara.

Mbira princess Hope Masike was guest performer.

She joined Clare on stage to perform one song.

The Kumabhebhi trio have lined up a festival next month to mark their one year anniversary.

“At the end of November we will be holding a festival, celebrating a year. It will run from November 28 to 30 and will be held at different venues."

“There will be other girls performing including Ammara Brown, Cynthia Mare, Hope Masike and Edith WeUtonga. We have been receiving overwhelming support from people since we started and it is very encouraging,” she said.

Clare recently finished working on an album titled Ndega Zvangu with an American marimba outfit, called Ruzivo.

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