Hubby accuses wife of cheating with madzibaba


HARARE – A Harare man has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking to terminate his marriage with his “cheating” wife.

Passmore Saunyama yesterday dragged his wife Gladys Gumbo to court, claiming their marriage had irretrievably broken down.

Saunyama accuses Gumbo of cheating on him with a member of the Vapositori sect, popularly known as Madzibaba.

He said that was the source of their marital problems, which had pushed him to marry a second wife.

He told Harare magistrate Rebecca Kavhiya that a certain man knocked at their bedroom window during odd hours.

Saunyama added that he failed to understand how this man managed to enter his premises, considering that he had locked all the gates.

“What puzzled me is how Madzibaba gained entrance to my yard and even know my bedroom,” Saunyama said.

“When I asked what he wanted, he insisted that another fellow Madzibaba had left his garment in my bedroom.

“We looked for the garment, but could not find it.

“This did not go down well with me and that is when we started to have quarrels with my wife until I told her that I no longer love her.” The court heard that Saunyama gave Gumbo a divorce token (gupuro), which she refused to take.

Gumbo denied the allegations, accusing her husband of being abusive and blaming him for marrying a second wife.

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“He is lying. He married another wife and that did not go down well with me. Now he is thinking of bringing up issues of adultery,” said Gumbo.

In her ruling, Kavhiya gave an order that they must resolve their issues and must stop assaulting each other.

She added that if the husband wants a divorce, he must send his  wife back to her family and surrender a divorce token.

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